We are accredited / certified debt counsellors registered in terms of Section 44 of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005 since February 2008 and a registered member of DCASA (Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa)

Debt Counselling is a Government initiative and our role is to find ways to assist and protect the consumer from the credit providers if they find themselves in a financial situation whereby they cannot pay all their obligations (accounts) on a monthly basis and to provide the individual or family a solution that can remedy the symptoms of ill-health brought about due to stress.

Secondly we act as a mediator and negotiate in good faith with the Credit Providers in order to obtain a debt restructuring order in line with the consumers level of affordability:

To try and remedy reckless credit granting to consumers 

To protect the consumer from incurring further debt while under debt review

To draft the necessary court applications for consent and to get a court order granted

There is no doubt about it - we are all experiencing tough economic times. Interest rates keep fluctuating, food prices are up and petrol price increases bring more uncertainty. As a result more & more ordinary people are experiencing financial difficulties & struggling to service their Debt Obligations.


This will lead to: Stress, High Blood Pressure, Nervous Breakdown and can also desroy relationships, lead to poor performance at work which affects productivity and MORE!!!


Creditors cannot take legal action whilst you are under debt review provided no legal action has commenced at the time of the application, however every effort will be made to negotiate a reasonable settlement.

Creditors will STOP harassing the consumer

The consumer's monthly payments are adjusted by the Debt Counsellor based on affordabilty (i.e payments will be reduced between 40% to 50% of the normal)

A note of caution to all consumers currently on debt review, non-paying consumers will run the risk of having their debt review process terminated, and may as a result lose their assets and all protection afforded in terms of the Act.

An alternative remedy is either Administration Order or Sequestration.

What is an Administration Order?

  • Only applicable to judgements, non-credit agreement and cedit agreement, due and payable to a maximum of R50 000 (Excludes: Bond Repayments, HP Accounts & Vehicle Repayments)
  • Consumer cannot incur further debt without disclosure of the administration order to the Credit Provider, otherwise it is a criminal offense
  • Protection against your creditors and no one my take judgement against you
  • The court decides how much you need for basic necessities, and then determines how much must be paid to an administrator
  • Credit Providers get distributions every month
  • You get a free of charge statement from your administrator to monitor the progress
  • You are not exempt from paying interest!


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