Dear Employer,


We are certified debt counsellors accredited by the National Credit Regulator in terms of Section 44 of the National Credit Act, 34 of 2005.


We have been in practice since July 2007 of the Debt Review Program in terms of Section 86 of the National Credit Act, and during this period we have been able to assist employers such as yourself in educating and assisting your employees who due to unforeseen circumstances are facing some financial hardship. It is sad to say, but many employees and employers are not aware that there is help available to assist individuals (employees) restructure their current debt in line with their current level of affordability in an equitable and fair manner. The NCA also affords the individual certain rights and protection such as;


-          Consumers can apply for debt restructuring in terms of Sec: 86 of the NCA

-          Creditors cannot take legal action while consumer is under debt review (Conditions Apply)

-          Creditors must STOP harassing consumers while under debt review

-          Creditors cannot repossess cars / homes while consumer under debt review (Conditions Apply)

-          Creditors cannot apply for EAO (Garnishee Orders) while consumer under debt review


We are also aware that employers have been adversely affected by inefficiencies resulting from employee absenteeism caused by individuals not showing up for work because they have to take time off to resolve their current financial problems, at times they receive calls while at work distracting them from their work responsibilities and even worse some creditors send tracers to the work place and harass them accordingly. All these issues contribute to downtime at the expense of the employer.


The solution to this problem is for us to educate the consumer of their rights in terms of the National Credit Act Section 86 of NCA, 34 of 2005 and assist them in restructuring their debt in terms of the act thereby relieving them of the stress associated with this problem and allowing them to return to work without any unnecessary distractions.


Alternative options include: Adminitration Order or Sequestration. We will counsel the client on all three options and we will always recommend the best solution specific to the client's situation.


With your help we can assist your employees with debt related problems and we can HELP THEM GET A FRESH START!


We hereby offer our services as follows:

  1. We will address all your employees at NO COST to you and explain the benefits of the NCA Section 86, 34 of 2005
  2. We will offer a 10% discount on all Debt Counselling fees to any employee referred to us by their employer



Guy F. James

Certified Debt Counsellor