+ If the consumer is married "Out of COP", is the alternative spouse's consent required?

+ Can the consumer sell or sub-divide his/her property while on debt review?

+ If a credit provider writes-off my debt, am I still liable to settle the account?

+ What is the process if one is getting divorced but also needs to go under debt review?


+ While under an Administration Order can I make new Debt?

+ What if I am married and under Adminitration?

+ While under an Adminitration Order will my name be listed on ITC?

+ While under an Adminitration Order can I still pay my own accounts?

+ What if I lose my job or my salary changes while under an Adminitration Order?

+ How long does an Adminitration Order take?

+ While under an Adminitration Order can I pay more than the monthly instalment?

+ While under an Adminitration Order can Creditors add more interest and costs to my account?

+ May a Creditor tale legal action against me wjile I am under Administration?

+ 1. Can I buy a vehicle if I'm under debt review. 2. Can anyone take this vehicle if on my name while paying it off for other debt.

+ i have been under adminstration for 5 years now and have been paying every month, but now my debt is more than when i first went under adminstration, I'am trying to get my name clean but it is not happening,my debt counseller does not want to help me and tells me I must just carry on paying, WHAT MUST I DO

+ I search the internet for information regarding interest rates on loans . Can you please let me know what the interest rate as set out in the regulation to the National Credit Act is. I�ve got a friend who is under administration he owed R35000.00 5years ago and he still owes R25000.00. Can this be correct.? Is there a formula as to how they do their calculations?

+ My fiance is under debt review. He's currently working stricktly commision. Some months are really bad, were I have taken on some of his basic expenses. He has no assets, all have been sold. At present we cannot get married or have children. He hasn't defaulted but I'm afraid he may get into more debt just trying to make these payments. What are his options? The debt is as a result of a failed business that he stood as surety. Please help.

+ How does your payment structure work?

+ I have noticed that Experian Credit Bureau has listed my name for a debt I believe has prescibed. The last time I paid money on this debt was in 2008 and I have never acknowledged the debt nor received any summons. Three years has elapsed since the last payment. Please advise what is the process that I can embark on through the court of law to have this debt extinguished.

+ my husband and I are currently under debt review, we have received a call from the bank where our bond account is this too is under debt review, they want to send out a person to evaluate the property. Why would they do this if we are under debt review? Can the reposes our home if we are still under debt review?

+ If I want to settle my admin order, will I get a better price?

+ If I want to settle my admin order, will I get a better price?

Have been self employed for more than 5 years, but was defrauded with a large amount, so had to close my business (Sole proprietor) Have been without an income for more than a year, and am now about 4-5 months behind on creditors payments, although after various arrangements, have paid small amounts here and there. Have now registered as an agent for a company on a commission only basis, must I first prove an income after a month or two before I can apply for review ? If so, what can I do in the meantime? Thanking You

if i change my debt consellor to another, am I liable for any costs.

I applied for debt review 2 years ago. But, 6 months ago I was retrenched and my case was never presented in court. My counsellor, after lying to me for 2 years is now terminating and leaving me in the lurch- he having collected monthly fees (for 2 years without doing a single thing) and my debts having escalated and legal action pending. What recourse do I have?

What happens if I am in financial trouble and default on monthly instalment to pda

if a person is under debt review can he/she be issued with a warrant for delivery of goods? if i applied for debt review 10 days after i was issued with the warrant will it still apply to me?

Very helpful website. We are debt counsellors. Many consumers under admin have requested our services, but we are hesitant to assist them because of their admin status. Should they not pay our fees, we will not be able to take lergal action to recover our fees. is there a type if S58 consent to judgment while under admin that can be signed where we can can proceed with legal action and our emolument attachment order established above the admin?

can the bank aution your property if you are under debt review, and paying eventhough the bank says they are not receiving any payments?

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